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FLA needs your help in completing phase two. Your donation will help our voices be heard, and will help protect and preserve the very rights we were guaranteed more than two centuries ago. 

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December 2, 2014

Celebrate Giving Tuesday by donating to Forest America

The Forest Landowners Association has launched Forest America, an initiative by private forest landowners to create a better connection to and awareness of the caretakers of our nation’s private forests. It provides a broader understanding about the management, benefits and sustainability of America’s forests. FLA’s push to develop a strategy to defend landowners and help define sustainability led to the Forest America initiative. Forest America, unveiled earlier this year, is an accomplishment that will have a tremendous impact for forest landowners.

Part of this initiative is the development of the forestry community website ( designed to promote the story and voice of the private forest landowner. We have completed the first phase of the Forest America website, which can be viewed at


Give for Giving Tuesday

  1. The Forest Landowner Foundation has agreed to provide $25,000 in matching funds for every dollar contributed for phase two by FLA members. – This will increase your donation dollar-for-dollar.

Donate Today

With the completion of the second phase, will become an essential tool used in the Forest America initiative to educate wherever the message is most needed. This could be in meetings with corporations trying to define their corporate social responsibility; abroad with European governments passing policy that could potentially harm U.S. private landowners; or here at home in the halls of Congress. The website puts the face on forestry and showcases the tireless stewardship of private forest landowners. The Forest America website will generate the respect that private forest landowners deserve by educating decision makers on the benefits private forest landowners give the environment, society, and economy. Forest America content based upon science and research will allow any person of interest to use the website to rebut the myths spread by environmental non-government organizations.

The Forest Landowner Foundation has agreed to provide $25,000 in matching funds for every dollar contributed for phase two by FLA members. – This will increase your donation dollar-for-dollar. Donate today to help complete phase two of Forest America.

A Meeting Place for the Community

Forest America is a meeting place for the forest community, as well as for policy makers, journalists, business consumers and anyone else who has an interest in learning about America's private forests. Just as important, we want the larger community to recognize the issues confronting the stewards of family forests, from tax issues to open markets to environmental regulations. Forest America is a place to learn of the challenges and opportunities facing these productive lands and their caretakers, and to add a personal touch to this vital community.

Join the Conversation

America’s forests are not endangered. However, the private landowners who own and manage the majority of wood supply in America are. That’s why Forest America is so important.

We need your support by joining the conversation and increasing the understanding of private working forests to ensure long-term markets for timber and balanced regulations thus ensuring the sustainability of forests for generations to come.

Please forward this email to family, friends, and colleagues, because we all have a vested interest in promoting America’s family forests.


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