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6/18/2019 » 6/21/2019
2019 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

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Market Access and Forest Stewardship


The Forest Landowners Foundation Commissioned the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) to conduct a report on how sustainability certification and renewable biomass mandates threaten nonindustrial private forests.

ABSTRACT: This report evaluates the impact of sustainabillity certification and renewable biomass mandates. The first section provides a background on nonindustrial private forests. Section two outlines the economic drivers of private forest conversion. Sections three and four explain how sustainability certification and the renewable fuel standard could reduce the environmental productivity of nonindustrial private forests by reducing their economic profitability. Section five concludes.

Abbreviations: FSC, Forest Stewardship Council; ENGO, Environmental Non Governmental Organization; SFI, Sustainable Forestry Initiative; LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design; EISA, Energy Independence and Security Act< /p>

Keywords: Forest Sustainability; Forest Stewardship; Nonindustrial Private Forests; Private Forests; Forest Certification; Woody Biomass; Renewable Fuel Standard


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Section one: Nonindustrial Private Forest Background

Section two: Economic Drivers of private forest conversion

Section three: Impact of Sustainability Certification 

Section four: Impact of Renewable Biomass Mandates

Section five: Conclusion 

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