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6/26/2018 » 6/29/2018
2018 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

6/18/2019 » 6/21/2019
2019 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

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We help you grow your resources with shared knowledge and cutting-edge research.

When the green in your portfolio is millions of trees, it’s important to have expert help managing your resources.
We want to help you enhance your forest management practices, boost your profitability, improve your stewardship and sustain your legacy for the next generation.
Online, in-person and in print, FLA provides a wealth of knowledge to help landowners stay sharp.

Forest Landowner Magazine

Forest Landowner magazine presents private forest landowners across the country with guidance on forestland management options, applications of current forestry research, and national legislative issues that helps them sustain their forestland ownership. A benefit of membership in the Forest Landowners Association, Forest Landowner is published six times a year and draws from the expertise of top forestry professionals, not only in authorship, but also in the volunteer committee that is responsible for procuring the content that is specifically designed to serve private forest landowners.

Members may download digital magazine issues or articles in our online store for free. Non-members may purchase pdf copies of Forest Landowner Magazine issues or individual articles in our online storeVolume/Issue Index

Magazine Distribution

Forest Landowner magazine readers own and operate more than 40 million acres of timberland in 48 states. The average mailed distribution per issue is 5,266, and 95% of readers pass their copy of Forest Landowner on to 1 to 3 additional readers.  Download printable Media Guide.

In the next 12 months, respondents plan to purchase the following:

  • Chemicals (74%)
  • Tree seedlings or seed (62%)
  • Hand tools (55%)
  • Marking paint (46%)
  • Property signs (44%)
  • Outdoor/safety clothing (37%)
  • Tractor/ATV/truck (31%
  • GPS system (26%)
  • Chainsaw (24%)
  • Utility building/outdoor storage (17%)



58% use Forest Landowner as a source of information by purchasing products or services. 
95% of Forest Landowner readers give their copies of Forest Landowner to 1 to 3 additional readers. 
78% read every issue of Forest Landowner. 
35% read an issue cover to cover and 41% read most of an issue. 
78% use a consultant to help manage or reforest their forestland. 
60% use a real estate service experienced with forestland when they sell all or part of their land. 
52% lease their land to a hunting club and 45% hunt their land with family and friends.

   Forest Landowner Magazine Article Samples:     

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Internet Explorer will not display articles optimally and may be difficult to view.                                            

  July/August 2012

  May/June 2012


March/April 2012 

  • 2012 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners
  • Action Source
    News & Notes of Landowner Interest
    Key Priorities of Private Forest Landowners Requested by Senate Committee for Farm Bill Hearing
  • Forest Facts
    Private Forest Landowner Impact Project
    This data can support the Forest Landowners Association's efforts to articulate the unique contributions of private forest landowners to the media and policymakers.
    Brooks Mendell and Amanda Lang
  • Forest Sector - Reeling During the Economic Downturn
    Downturns create opportunites for firms and policy makers to rethink, incentivize, and revitalize
    W. Brad Smith and Richard W. Guldin
  • Give Yourself an Edge
    The edges of your food plots are probably the most important feature there is and are often the most neglected.
    Mark W. Thomas
  • Unintended Consequences
    How sustainability certification and renewable biomass mandates threaten nonindustrial private forests.
    Reed Watson and Brennan Jorgensen
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  • RISI Viewpoint 
    Sawlog markets in the US South and Pacific Northwest: when will the South recover?
    Seth Walker
  • Association News
  • 2012 Ballot

 January/February 2012

    Landowner to Landowner
    With continued economic turmoil and political uncertainty in 2012, what specific changes are you considering in your forest management plans?
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    Members only: Read full article»

  • Action Source
    News & Notes of Landowner Interest
    Lumber Strength Issues-Could there be an impact on forest landowners?
  • Your Money
    Two tax deferral strategies for forest landowners
    Andy Gustafson
  • 2012 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners
  • Financial Analysis in Forest Investment
    Just like the risk to have broken eggs can be reduced if one puts them in ten baskets rather than in one basket, an asset's unique risk can be eliminated by portfolio diversification under the framework of the modern portfolio theory.
    Bin Mei and Michael L. Clutter
  • Cross-Laminated Timber 
    In depth with the engineered wood product with a very bright future.
    Bill Mitchell
  • Farming for Caviar
    New cost-effective method of farming Siberian sturgeon for caviar could protect wild sturgeon, boost econoly, and could be a cash crop for private landowners in the future.
    Sam Fahmy
  • Land of the Tall Ghosts »
    Over the past 50 years, because of the effects of insect and air pollution, over 95% of mature Fraser fir trees have been killed, leaving behind even more tall "ghosts" on the highest mountain peaks of the Appalachians.
    Erin Mester.
  • Association News




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