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Action Alerts to Policy Makers
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Action Alerts to Policy Makers

When anti-landowner bills pop up, we nip them in the bud.

FLA works in Washington, DC and state capitals, relentlessly scoping the political landscape for issues that could adversely affect private forest landowners. When we hear of proposed legislation or policy that could impact forest landowners, we quickly notify our more than 5,000 members, urging them to alert their elected officials and federal agency representatives.

It’s crucial for elected officials and policy makers to know that FLA has thousands of private forest landowners behinds it messages. What you can do:

  • Use FLA's House & Senate Scorecardsto see where your U.S. Members of Congress stand on key issues impacting YOU.
  • Sign up for the Forest Landowner’s newsletter to stay informed of policy issues that impact forests owners and forests markets.
  • Your response to Action Alerts is crucial to our success. All it takes is a few clicks for FLA to flood Congress with thousands of messages.
  • Forward Action Alerts to your friends, coworkers, and family members urging them to "Take Action" -- you do not need to be an FLA member to get our messages to Washington.


The political landscape looms large in the future of emerging markets for forests. It is crucial for forest landowners to make sure their voice is heard among policy makers.

As a member of FLA, you can make a difference through involvement in policy advocacy. It is important that policy makers understand that FLA has thousands of private forest landowners behind its messages.

Political Action Committee contributions make a significant difference. FLA-PAC contributions give us access to the decision makers in Washington, DC, which is crucial firepower that ensures that private forest landowners are protected at the highest levels of government.

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