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6/18/2019 » 6/21/2019
2019 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

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Landowner to Landowner

Your Questions Answered

Landowner to Landowner is our section of Forest Landowner Magazine where our members have a chance to answer questions asked by FLA. We would like to open up the opportunity to all landowner members at FLA to have their question's answered by FLA's members. Your name will not be published with your question unless you specifically request us to attach your name to your question.


The following questions have been asked in the Landowner to Landowner section in the past:
  1. What do you do in your down time to improve your property value?

  2. What technologies do you use for forest management and why?

  3. How do you get your children, grandchildren, and other heirs interested in your forestland?

  4. How important is your forest management plan to reaching your goals?

  5. What management techniques have you used on your property to enhance wildlife and or fish? How successful where these activities?

  6. As a private forest landowner what keeps you up at night?

  7. With continued economic turmoil and political uncertainty in 2012, what specific changes are you considering in your forest management plans?

  8. In a recent newsletter, we invited FLA members to share their personal story on how the Death Tax has impacted them or has the potential to impact them. Now you can join them by offering your comments below. Selected comments will be included in the next issue of Forest Landowner in the Landowner to Landowner department.

    • Will the Death Tax make it difficult to pass your family business or farm to your children?
    • Have you already sold your family business or farm due to the death tax?
    • Do you know a family member or friend who has a death tax story?

    Personal stories are the strongest argument for death tax repeal! Your story could change a Representative's mind and help ensure passage of H.R. 1259. Thank you for your support.

  9. The Joint Committee on Taxation issues a list of tax expenditures each Congress listing all expenditures that cost the government money such as the home mortgage interest deduction. The 113th list has been issued and 3 key timber tax provisions are on the list.

    The 3 main forestry expenditures are:
    • Sale of timber treated as capital gains
    • Forest management cost being deducted annually
    • Reforestation cost can be deducted, limits apply, and not capitalized

    What, if any, effect will this have on you as a private forest landowner and your management if the expenditures for forestry are not retained?

  10. Are you concerned that with advances in satellite and drone technology the government has the ability to take a closer look at your land? What does it have a right to know? Are there boundaries on your property rights? Have you ever had an instance where you wondered how the government knew certain things about your property?




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